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Still having fun..
« le: 16 juin 2015, 13:50:34 pm »
Hi Everyone,

I played a few scenarios the last couple of evenings ( Kulm, Champaubert 1814 ) with Histwar Napoleon and thoroughly enjoyed myself.....its worth the effort just to look around the battlefield at the splendid uniforms and watch your orders carried out ( or not ) .

This Napoleonic Simulation has been created with love and passion by JMM and for me its clear to see that it captures the period perfectly, and Im pleased to report that its been a long time since I had such gaming pleasure.  Sure there are glitches and occasional errors but I just put that down to fog of warfare and confusion  ;)

The latest patch has really taken a leap in the right direction and I'm looking forward to the next update. .....I for one will never give up on this and will continue to support Histwar and boot up the game when I want to immerse myself in Napoleonic warfare for a few hours.

Regards and S!

Rush – Baron de la Rothière

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Re : Still having fun..
« Réponse #1 le: 16 juin 2015, 16:18:35 pm »
You are absolutely right, it would be complete for me to have a great game in PBEM or multiplayer (as long as the grand tactic AI is not yet ready) if the major bugs are whipped out:
-   Sometimes units (only cavalry?)  moving through and over enemy (defensive?) lines without being attacked.
-   Sometimes fresh units and corps not reacting to orders although we have orders without delay and it works very well normally.
-   Enemy units are marked with a “?” although it is in sight or even fight with a friendly unit and we have information conditional without delay. In the state now, you can’t use F4 view,because you don’t see “?” units then. Alternative is, showing ‘?’ also in F4 view, like in F2 view.
I sent save-files to JMM for all of these issues.
Another strange thing he could not    
-   Artillery deployed in defensive line in the rear of the army at initial phase start firing at ghost units. I tr to avoid that by deploying units only in initial phase.
I really hope we get a patch for these and then a good GT-AI. Everything else (new gui / new graphics /  division/Brigade AI) is nice to have for me ;-)

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Re : Still having fun..
« Réponse #2 le: 16 juin 2015, 21:42:05 pm »
...(Rush) sounds like a satisfied customer to me  good to hear and I'm not being sarcastic

Kulm is one of mine  (rubbing his hands together) thanks to Kevin Zucker  mostly because
it is a short awl from boardgames to miniature wargaming to PC Napoleonic wargaming...
I could have done one better and offered a SRTM map for that scenario...but you know
the K Zucker map is so elegant that I was hooked so all the little hills are painfully drawn by
and corrected by hand wrist was sore for a week   :)
I would just love a different height tool in the that's more wrist friendly...
put the sat height maps away for good.

There is a lot of questions about what doesn't work and what works is the interest in the game.
Interest in MP game will return once the game gets its wanted revamp , bugs will get cleaned
out new things might get introduced...looks promising to me.

Rush Thanks from the community ...If I may be so bold   ;)
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