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Division Infernale
« le: 17 janvier 2011, 16:58:45 pm »

I am pleased to announce that our team is eventually ready to face other opponents. Actually, we have welcomed new members in the Division Infernale, so we had to play together a lot. We are very interested in playing with you, since we are prepared.

We are used to play the French, with the following parameters:
-   view : total
-   visibility : real, conditional
-   friend visibility : unconditional
-   orders : immediate
-   orders delay : historical
-   interception : on
-   orders in 3D : all over the map
-   information : precise
-   loss of corps commanders : allowed
-   galvanized units : allowed
-   ammunitions : historical (limited)
-   CEH : 300
-   Map’s height : 32 kilometres

If we are more likely to play with such visibility, it is because we « represent » corps commanders; Napoleon was not able to say if the smoke he saw in the air was Grouchy’s or Blücher’s, but a corps commander is definitely able to see what’s happening in front of him.

Moreover, we are used to chat on Mumble while playing because conviviality and role-playing are part of the game. So if you want, we can either welcome you on our channel and create a lounge for you, or stop using it if you think it’s « cheating ». Nevertheless, sitting alone in front of my monitor bores me a little.

Awaiting to meet you on the battlefield,
Lieutenant-général Pariente.