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Posted by Duke of Earl, on Sep 07, 2012

The parameters of the original "Baylen" scenario in the Peninsular Mod have been modified so that this scenario will now function, but it is not historically accurate. Just a few changes to make it work semi-properly (one can now play Solo on both sides - no 'frozen' Spain & France Regiments on the West-East road by the river - as it was before .... instead, there is a new re-location of Regiments as determined by the AI in each side's set-up zones. Changes were done with the Map Editor and the OOB Editor, as follows:

1) Edited Map to logically seperate the 2 LOP's (for each side - now the 'Tactical Generator' can properly position both Armies for a battle)
2) Edited OOB to choose Britain "Lt Gen Blake" for the Spain C-in-C (a BIG DEAL - but, no other choice!!)
3) Edited OOB to rename the Armies (both sides) and reorganize Spain Divisions with new Division and Brigade commanders (no big deal)
4) Edited OOB so that Spain Artilleria (and France Artillerie too) now have 12 lb cannon, 6-9 lb cannon, 4 lb cannon (France and even Howitzers (and all have ammunition too!!). Both sides should now have 24 total working guns!!
5) Edited OOB for some small changes to Regiment 'Aggressive' & 'Initiative' settings (both sides - for balance)
6) Edited OOB to upgrade several Regiments to 'Elite' status for Spain - and France too (but, very few - if any - for both sides .... restricted by OOB Editor!!)
7)Changed the name of the scenario to "BailÚn" (obviously)
8)Edited Map to re-name river (Rio Guadalquivir) and add village (Margibar)
Finally, I slightly changed the 'Reinforcement Time' for certain Regiments (both sides, but no big deal - troops still get there).

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