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Posted by Duke of Earl, on Sep 07, 2012

The parameters of the original "Maida" scenario from the Peninsular Mod have been modified so that this scenario will now function, but it is not historically accurate. Just a few changes to make it work semi-properly (British Artillery now has ammunition!!). Changes were done with the OOB Editor, as follows:

1) Edited OOB to re-name Britain Army as "Expeditionary Force" (no big deal) and rename certain Britain Battalions (no big deal).
2) Edited OOB to give Britain Artillery some 6-9 lb guns .... and Howitzer(s) too, I think (anyways, a BIG DEAL - ammunition now available!!)
3) Edited OOB to remove Regimental guns (France) and re-organize France Armée (to lower number of troops and cannons - no big deal, for accuracy, this was a small battle)
4) Edited Map to relocate and rename "Maida" as a town, not a hamlet or village
5) Edited OOB-Uniform for some small changes to Regiment 'Aggressive' & 'Initiative' settings (both sides - for balance)
6) Edited OOB-'Distintictive Colors' to change certain uniform colors (mostly France - turnbacks). No other changes that I can think of right now. If so, no big deal.
7) Edited OOB for some small changes to Regiment 'Aggressive' & 'Initiative' settings (both sides - for balance)
8) Added some Scenario notes (for Chapter I of the Field Manual)

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