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Posted by JMM, on May 04, 2015
HistWar Napoleon : 05f (RC4) : Full patch (any version) for all previous version of HW:N.
HistWar Napoleon : 05f (RC4) : patch for previous version 05f3 (RC3)
HistWar Les Grognards : patch 03p in progress
HistWar Les Grognards: 03n : Full patch (any version) for all previous version of HW:LG.


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ZIP Pinned: Flags_Glaude1955
"Le fichier Flags contient les drapeaux relookés des principales nations du jeu. Certains drapeaux sont de mon ami Ras, ils étaient si jolis qu'il eut été dommage de ne pas ...
5/5 1,070 Feb 19, 2011
ZIP Pinned: Flags_Glaude1955 Part2
Pack 2 of update flags Importantly, the package does not apply to the current mod Peninsula (the new flags will be incorporated into the next version JSGME of this mod Covers the ...
5/5 978 Feb 24, 2011
ZIP Better Maps
A better maps and background for the Histwar 2D maps Une meilleur carte et fond d'écran pour la carte 2D d'Histwar. Some tips for the new maps Pour les nouvelles carte vous devez ...
No Votes 2,367 May 07, 2010
3d Model of Hougoumont
A new 3d model of the chateau and farm of Hougoumont based on the buildings at the center of the Waterloo battlefield is offered. The skins show it undammaged, ...
No Votes 1,178 Apr 21, 2011
ZIP Better maps v1.01
Une nouvelle carte de bataille 2d A new 2d battle map
No Votes 1,065 Jul 04, 2010
ZIP Bushes for MadRussianGround and Jacquinot trees mods
Add this files in MadRussiangroundLt1 Mod and in Summer trees with natural colors Mod and play with both of this Mods. You will see bushes on field like in nature. ...
No Votes 787 Oct 01, 2011
ZIP Explosion MOD corrected version
The last version of Explosion Mod with more white smoke.
No Votes 926 Jul 02, 2011
ZIP Explosion MOD for 03bRc3
Explosion MOD for 03bRc3
No Votes 788 Sep 14, 2011
ZIP Golden Autumn
Autumn trees and bushes with yellow and orange colors, made to use with MadRussianGroundLt1 MOD. Install MadRussianGroundLt1 MOD after that add Trees folder and T_Base folder in MadRussianGroundLt1 MOD folder. ...
No Votes 760 Oct 02, 2011
"This Mod offers 4 new 3d models of La Haie St jean (in orientations N,S,E,W) and new skins for the Farm and the old hamlet which can be choosen from ...
5/5 986 Apr 11, 2011
ZIP New Buildings for Russian Campaign 1812
Three new 3d models and their textures are offered: Borodino church and village; a village of izba houses; and a hamlet of izba houses. These will be incorporated in jacquinot's ...
1/5 1,048 Oct 26, 2011
ZIP New hamlet skin:La haie saint jean like look
skins for hamlet and farm: grey slate roof and white lime washed brick. initial state, Bump map, and shot dammaged skins.
No Votes 806 Mar 30, 2011
ZIP Summer forest with natural colors and late autumn forest
I do a lot of experiments with color of summer trees trying to obtain similarity with natural colors and finally I think has achieved the desired result, as well as ...
No Votes 636 Jul 02, 2011
ZIP WinterTerrainMOD
Winter terrain with a little snow and trees without leaves, looks like early winter or European winter.
No Votes 814 Jul 02, 2011
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