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Histwar and Windows 11
« le: 16 février 2023, 11:25:04 am »
Hello, Grognards.

Anyone have problems with playing HistWar after upgrading to Windows 11?  I had problems running HistWar Napoleon on Windows 10 until JMM patched it. Now it runs fine. But it has made me jumpy about upgrading to Win 11.  Should I be worried?



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Re : Histwar and Windows 11
« Réponse #1 le: 24 septembre 2023, 20:08:54 pm »
I'm running HistWar Beta Test on Win 11 and it works. As far as the old version which JMM patched and worked /works on Win10 environment I have no data. I can't see a problem with you upgrading.
Eventually JMM will have to update the game  to be functional to Win 11 code and what Win 11 code supports:
the game is being tested currently, that is all I know.

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Re : Histwar and Windows 11
« Réponse #2 le: 25 septembre 2023, 10:09:49 am »
Thank you, Zu.

Unfortunately, I've had so many problems running this game over the past several years on Win10 and then Win11 because it's not patched soon enough and then there are so many problems on getting it to run after a patch is released...which is essentially never.

At the beginning, I remained committed to this game and was even willing to stick it out through the MANY years of "no response," understanding that this was primarily a one-man show. But all patience must eventually come to an end. This game is dead and has been for a very long time. It was a dream--a very good one, and one that was realized to some extent in its earlier days, as limited as it was. I enjoyed playing it from 2013-17 on Win7. But the game never kept up adequately with the post-Win10 world. Which is hardly surprising for a game that, even in the developers mind, has "never been finished" even 15 years after being released.

I paid full price, twice, for what is basically the same game. I didn't complain about it and I still don't. I got enjoyment out of it for what it was. But it is no more and I've turned my attention elsewhere, as has 99% of the rest of the crowd that no longer comes on these forums, it seems. My hope is that JMM's dream inspires others to make what he envisioned and even implemented to a great degree, even if only for a brief span of years.

Cheers and thank you!


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Re : Histwar and Windows 11
« Réponse #3 le: 28 septembre 2023, 18:47:15 pm »
Hi Marshall...

I hope the new version will run without big problems...

No, the game isn't dead... not yet

That said, thank you for your support and your patience during these last years.

I am finishing to import the tutorial for the new version. It's big piece.
GUI is new, with a lot of new implementations.

(Sorry for this French version)

Best Regards