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Re : Re : Reinforcement Question- Possible Bug?
« Réponse #15 le: 09 avril 2019, 15:12:47 pm »
Hi Doran,

the delay you are noticing is not a bug, but the actual Corps AI maneuvering the Corps
until he's done( with some random delay built in) access is denied.
you should be able to access the Corps CO directly and depending on the simulation level you chose at the
start of the battle.
I have noticed as well the behavior you are describing. Success rate for reinforcement
coming in at all was possibly the most pressing fix.
As far as enemy blocking arrival I have never tested for it, so that may be a further cause
of access interdiction. The actual reinforcement flag shouldn't be visible to the other side.
and neither should be the LOS (in my opinion) that should be discovered and then revealed.

As you know it takes at least a division to cover /defend the LOS (I might be mistaken).

The problem is after even over an hours worth of time Davout would not do anything; his status did not change at all. Orders were set to immediate and delay of orders set to limited so total order delay is extremely minimal of course. His status did not change and the orders being given were not being updated on any of the map views. There was no maneuvering or concentration of force phase. Only total inaction and inability.

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Re : Reinforcement Question- Possible Bug?
« Réponse #16 le: 09 avril 2019, 17:02:23 pm »
I think I realized one thing that may have been going on. The Corp commander of the reinforcements does not seem to be very cooperative or cooperative at all unless all of his forces are present. During the test I was speaking about I could have sworn all of Davout's Corp was present but it may have not been. I changed the reinforcement times in the OOB so all of Davout's Corp arrives at the same time and they showed up the first time without a problem to any function.