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A Few Questions
« le: 23 mars 2019, 10:46:20 am »
1. What is the expected use and behavior of divisional orders?

When you order a divisional attack can it be directed to an area or just a single enemy target. I have seemingly not been able to get a division to attack an area in concert.  Whenever I select a division I get prompted with the regimental command order box .

When I give an attack order for instance the division does not seem to want to move as a division but only a single regiment. I have been selecting the division through the regimental organization page.

But only a single regiment appears to ever act.

2. Is there any way to issue a frontage order to a division?

3. Is there any way to issue a defend order to a division?

4. What does "Great tactical AI: Rebuild the Corps" do?

5. Is there a configuration file for HW:N that can be edited; if so where is it located? I want to play in a window but the 1920x1080 window ends up not being a 1920x1080 window and would like to input a custom resolution if possible.
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Re : A Few Questions
« Réponse #1 le: 23 mars 2019, 11:46:52 am »
I paused my activity on playing HW long ago, until the reworked engine is available.
But if i get into it correctly ...

Question 1-3: There is no independent divisional command implemented yet. Div and Bde command structure is planned for a future version. Until then, all inferior formations (Div & Bde) are managed by the corps command.

Question 4: As far as I can remember this one, disableing the AI rebuild function is a meassurement to prevent the AI to interfere with your possible micromanagement. If you do MM on regiments there could be chaos, if the AI tries to issue opposite orders according its algorithms.

Question 5: A subject for Monsieur JMM.

BTW this is the french section of the forum. Better to put the thread into HW:N or if its about HW:Les Grognards into the international section.
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Re : A Few Questions
« Réponse #2 le: 23 mars 2019, 13:31:50 pm »
That is a shame that there is a current lack of division and brigade command.

Thanks for the replies.