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L3DT HeightMaps
« le: 05 juillet 2017, 20:52:12 pm »
Bonjour a Tous:

Suite à de longues discussions sur un moteur de carte de hauteur
Je suis tombé sur ce lien dans le forum Kriegspiel.
La documentation est en Anglais...Voici ce qu'il peut faire

Generating and editing heightmaps
 Designable heightfields using a high-level 'design map' in which you can specify land altitudes, roughness, lakes, climate, etc.
 A fast and flexible fractal 'inflation' based heightfield generator, including effects such as erosion, terraces and cliffs, volcanos, mountain peaks, etc., all of which are controlled from the design map.
 An integrated 3D heightfield editor that allows you to easily shape and reshape your heightfield using mouse-driven brush tools.
Generating textures, light maps, bump maps, alpha/splat maps, etc.
 A texture generator for high-resolution interpolated ground texture maps, as well as the ability to generate alpha maps for run-time 'texture splatting'.
 A extensible climate modelling engine for controlling the distribution of ground textures, including water-table and salinity modelling. Supports up to 65,000 unique and user-definable land types per map.
 Automatic and manual water-flooding routines, for making sea and lakes at different water levels.
 A fast light mapping module for pre-calculated terrain lighting and shadow casting, including high-resolution light mapping and bump mapping.
3D display
 Real-time 3D rendering and editing of maps in the Sapphire plugin, as well as support for Terragen, VTP Enviro, and other popular renderers.
Calculations and optimisations
 An automated calculation pipeline that allows you to queue-up some or all of your calculations, set the relevant settings, and then walk away while L3DT does its thing. No program baby-sitting is required.
 An automatic disk paging system that supports heightfields up to 128k × 128k pixels in size (16 gigapixels) and textures up to 4M × 4M pixels (16 terapixels). Want to make megatextures? No problem!
 Support for multi-core processing.
 A batch generation engine for making multiple map projects automatically.
File formats
 Support for a broad range of file formats:
 Image formats, including BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, DDS, PGM, PBM, PCX and RAW.
 Mesh files, including DAE (COLLADA), OBJ, X, 3DS, B3D, and TIN (export only).
 Terrain exchange formats, including TER (Terragen), BT (Virtual Terrain Project), GeoTIFF (import only), and HFZ.
 Game engine terrain files, including TER (Torque 3D), SD7 (Spring) and HTF (GLScene).
 Support for more formats may be added by plugins.
 A graphical interface for performing custom calculations by connecting together multiple 'filters'.
 Support for scripting using the Python and ZeoScript languages (via the cdPython and ZeoScript plugins).
 An extensive plugin API that allows developers to directly access L3DT data, perform calculations, load or save files, add new file format options, etc. The source code for many examples are provided.
User support
 A walk-through tutorial is integrated with the program.
 A comprehensive and up-to-date user guide is available on-line.
 Support and advice is available through the community forum.
 A users' wiki is provided, including spaces for user-submitted tutorials, climates, and other material"

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