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Re : Re : HWLG patch 03p
« Réponse #30 le: 15 mai 2019, 13:49:34 pm »
Another year has passed.... how is 03p looking?

Yet some days before launching a recruiting for a new beta test team...

During this last yera, I have rewrtitten a big part of the GUI, a new method of visibility to improve the precision, checked a big part of internal engine for avoiding some several major bugs...
Too the life with some familial issues.. the life...

It is difficult to say the time for checking the new version...

Patience yet... and lot thanks for your support.


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Re : HWLG patch 03p
« Réponse #31 le: 30 mai 2019, 14:01:55 pm »
Thanks for the feedback JMM 
You & your work are not forgotten  ;)