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Attack of an intrenched camp
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Marshal Ney advised that,

'For the attack of an intrenched camp with two divisions of eight battalions each:
the troops shall arrive in columns, and form into line out of reach of the enemy's shot.
The first line, which is that of attack, shall detach a company from each battalion as
tiralleurs to these volunteers, shall be added the sappers of the battalions and of the division
with hatchets, a few hoes, fascines and light ladders...
...As soon as the troops are within half a cannon range of the enemy, the tiralleurs shall
advance at a run, and leap into the ditches of the works attacked, in order to cut the
palisades and make openings through which they may penetrate the interior.
Meanwhile, the line attack shall advance in good order...
   The tiralleurs must carry the redoubts attacked; if they are not strong enough they shall
be reinforced by a few companies of grenadiers. In no case must the line of attack be broken,
in order that it may always be ready to face the enemy's second line and reserve. '

excerpt from Rory Muir  Tactics and the Experience of a Battle in the Age of Napoleon
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Re : Attack of an intrenched camp
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Excellent piece of primary source material! 

Thanks, zu.