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am i talking rubbish i am not sure
« le: 28 février 2015, 17:59:14 pm »

When in C in C mode it is hard to follow the battle or see what is happening !!

I think this is due to the fact that obviously the units are smaller than in real life !!

What is needed is a telescope

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Re : am i talking rubbish i am not sure
« Réponse #1 le: 03 mars 2015, 17:43:48 pm »
Hi Tony,

in the current version as in the old version playing C in C means the player
is the commander of the army, as such if you remain stationary you will not
see very much. However if you order to move the C in C on the 2d map to
a location, presumably your battle line of any corps you then will be able to
see some action if that corps engages any opposite corps.
Moving your C in C to near the location of a particular Corps on the map
adds morale bonus as well as a faster order execution to that Corps units
down the chain of command... This happens to be my preferred method
of playing any version of this game.  As the C in C you set up your orders
to the army to your locations destinations and you don't tinker with
orders any more until all are executed. Once this happens you develop the
next phase in your strategy by issuing another set of orders to all your
corps and so on.  It gives a rather 'Napoleonic' feeling and stops players
from having an  'order click fest'. It works on the honor system rather then
an actual lock which prevents any further orders to be assigned directly to
any unit who appears to be not obeying your orders. I in fact would like to
see a lock on individual unit orders once the battle starts: I am aware that
the bugs are being worked out in the behavior and soon we might have a very workable
system like that: that's only my humble opinion of course


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