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brigade and division level orders
« le: 15 septembre 2014, 20:08:05 pm »
Will the new command structure : brigade and division level of HWN
display the current corps command pop up window  where all the orders may be issued.

if playing a game where individual brigade orders can be issued how many of these
can be issued at the same time without causing any significant stress on the program.

Please follow my reasoning. 
  I start the game by giving 1 (one) corps order to a specific corps to march to a particular
spot then deploy in line (or deploy in line order) then order 1 brigade to attack a position
or enemy unit...(same example for division level attack) that is a manual pop up window
for the brigade commander where I can issue this manual order from if I wish.


the Ai will handle all brigade and division level orders with minimal or no input from the
human player.
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