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Re : Is this game dead?
« Réponse #30 le: 01 octobre 2014, 20:45:01 pm »
An agreement to disagree is fine with me.
I think this is probably the best way to move forward with some of the arguments in this section...
Having said that, this is probably one of the very few games where 100,000 troops can fight 60,000 troops and you can still fight an enjoyable battle and get a reasonably balanced result at the end of it, providing you manage your troops in a historical way...
This is one of the very few periods of history where the opposing forces were evenly balanced and nobody had weapons superior to anyone else. This was a period of warfare where battles were won by the quality of the commanders and not necessarily the quality of the troops, after all a Napoleonic infantryman, was pretty much the same whatever nation he fought for, as were the cavalry and artillery.
This is a great game that unfortunately does not get the recognition it deserves. One day perhaps.