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Hello. I'm new here.
« le: 09 décembre 2013, 20:43:55 pm »
I just purchased the game last week and have been spending my gaming time trying to understand what is going on and how everything works. I will have plenty of questions I'm sure so I hope this forum is accepting of newbees. ;) For now I have two:
I am getting some game crashes caused by an "Error". I believe it says "error 05". This is disappointing as when it happens I lose the game I was playing. Is there an auto save ability in this game so that when the crash occurs, I can at least go back to some point without losing it all?

The Tutorial  setup give the choice of two GUIs. They are called HistWar and Classic. I find Classic more intuitive and more to my liking. When playing one of the regular scenarios I have been unable to find this GUI option. Is it available in the regular scenarios and if so where do I find it?

Thanks in advance. Beautiful game!

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Re : Hello. I'm new here.
« Réponse #1 le: 09 décembre 2013, 21:52:48 pm »
With the crashes make sure you have up to date drivers for your graphics card. And any other drivers to help operate the game there is a minimum software requirement please look that up, and see if thats ok
When a game is stopped by any method its is automatically saved just reload the game, and find "Load a Saved Game" in the menu item and then search for your last game, it will be there.
To interchange between to 2 GUI's press G and that will change it for you instantly.

In the meantime have fun

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Re : Hello. I'm new here.
« Réponse #2 le: 09 décembre 2013, 22:36:15 pm »
Wow that's great, thanks a lot.