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Histwar Napoleon question
« le: 04 décembre 2013, 20:00:48 pm »
I read about different versions being released over time. Is this just stages of development of the actual game? Or are these DLC\Expansions\New games altogether?

If it is just the game being released in stages I think it needs to be made abit more clear as some may think they will have to keep on buying new versions.

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Re : Histwar Napoleon question
« Réponse #1 le: 04 décembre 2013, 20:08:16 pm »
They are improvements of the same game, consider them as "big patches" but they are not DLC to be purchased, the game, one purchased will have those dlc for free and the "Engine HistWar" will grow  :)

i am referring to HistWar Napoleon and from Austerlitz to Victor version of it  ;)
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