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Just bought it.
« le: 30 novembre 2013, 22:25:45 pm »
After a rocky start I'm starting to enjoy myself. Sadly my knowledge of Napoleonic Warfare is limited to the film Waterloo! I'm a WW1 obsessive and a wargaer of WW1, WW2 and even the odd post WW2 game.

I had to buy due to the excellent price of around 10Euros!

HistWar 2 is looking very impressive indeed.

Anyway I have the LOD setting to High but still find the draw distance rather low before the LOD changes. Are there any tweaks for this? Also when there is smoke or fog I have flickering blocks of white\grey anyway to stop this?

Can anyone recommend some good beginner scenarios?

Can anyone tell me briefly the fundamentals of this sort of warfare? I gather cavalry on the Flanks but thats about it.


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Re : Just bought it.
« Réponse #1 le: 01 décembre 2013, 08:56:43 am »
Welcome TW  ;) (andrea is here)

First of all i would suggest to set the options to the very low level of fog of war, so you can see everything on the field of battle thus letting you learn out the game;
Second you may go in the "depot" area of the forum and see the manuals to learn the rules of napoleonic warfare and how they work in the game;
Third for a scenario i suggest you to make a small 6Km map in the map editor; make small Order of battles in the Oob editor (aroun 80 CEH) and then play it out;
Finally... cavalry on the flanks ... it's should be ok until Age of Reason war ... in Napoleonic wars the 3 armies must work together, just like artillery, armours and infantry work in ww2  :D

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Re : Just bought it.
« Réponse #2 le: 01 décembre 2013, 12:18:10 pm »
Histwar is a high-level simulation. You give orders to the Corps Commanders who in turn formulate more detailed orders to Divisional Commanders. The computer handles everything apart from those orders at the top level (although you can give direct orders at lower levels, down to individual regiments, if you wish). So if you order a Corps to move toward the enemy, the computer will assess the best formation and will move horse, artillery and infantry in accordance with the doctrine for that country (which you can tweak a little using the doctrine editor programme). If you want to move all the horse to one flank you can, but this may confuse the AI.

JMM has always said that the AI works best when you give orders as Army Commander only and do not then try to interfere too much and do not keep changing the orders to the Corps.

We are waiting for more advanced versions of the AI in Histwar Napoleon with the ability to command at Corps / Divisional levels letting the AI manage the overall strategy - there has been a lot of discussion about this feature over the years on this forum.
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Re : Just bought it.
« Réponse #3 le: 02 décembre 2013, 09:27:47 am »
Thanks for the advice.