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NBC's GaW5 B attle 2
« le: 14 mars 2012, 22:45:23 pm »
Suchet and Gourvion St Cyr, two very big defence corps did a sterling job in holding back the Allies main assualt. DJ opened by teasing us in the east, either we were too strong or this was his plan all along. A gap was left almost in the centre of his line which was very tempting for Gunner and I, as it was we did try a limited attack in the east but in hindsight the troops would have proved more worth in the north waiting to pounce on DJs failing attack lines towards the end. The prisoner count in this battle was quite small for both sides but had the guard cavalry been in a position further north the outcome could have been all so different. Having watched the replay from DJs perspective, for most of the battle he was attacking into the unknown because of the fog of war. Murats rather large cavalry corp was squandered on my orders to slow up the allies attack in north to allow G24 to retreat his 5th corp but its effectiveness was nullified by the amount of infantry moving up in support of DJs attack, this was ordered against G24s better judgement and almost definitely would have been better to hold it back for a counterstroke later on. As it was we ran out of cavalry to mop up routers who were becoming more abundant by the minute towards the closing stages of the battle.
Nice control of corps movements Dougie, you were definitely making some good headway towards the end and on closer inspection another couple of hours i think victory would have been yours.