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Using the Diversion order
« le: 22 janvier 2012, 00:10:33 am »
A few time I have noticed that the corps with this order, after initial limited contact, withdraw, as indicated that it should, but continues to withdraw from the battle area, despite sending change of orders, a few time.  In fact the Corps will have a Army Retreat order.
The reason I like the diversion order is because you can try out and test the oppositions line, for weaknesses, which has worked for me a few times.
But just trying to stop this continuous withdrawal thing, is a mystery to me.
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Re : Using the Diversion order
« Réponse #1 le: 16 février 2012, 05:12:02 am »
Hi Gazfun,

I have seen the behavior you describe.
as well as one recent battle with AJ the diversion continued until my corps
was decimated  with furious repeated attempts to change the order to  defend  in the rear once I
realized where AJ 's attack was coming from.
The other day I tested  diversion in Paunsdorf Scenario and it appears that a diversion order is not made
out of glue or any other mental behavior  :lol:

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