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Bonjour la plupart des Mssrs. instruits,

 During Albuera scenario ... only 1 France cannon appears on Rgt firing line .... it is firing at Target (animation is very good by the way - cannon smoke, etc.) .... but, where are the OTHER cannons of this Rgt?... no other cannon smokes are displayed on firing Line (only this 1 cannon) .... :?:

3D Action Continued: Counter-Battery fire destroys another INVISIBLE France cannon .... Big Flames appear (good animation by the way) where this INVISIBLE cannon was located at FAR AWAY end of firing line.... and no other cannons appear between distant Flame and visible cannon .... :shock: :lol:

Poor child is very confused now .... any answers appreciated .... these graphics are very aggravating, sometimes ....  :x

No screenshots of this phenomena because screenshot command is broken I think (I tried 'W' key - game locked up, no picture in 'Screen' file, usual spyBoard generated again, must use CTRL+ALT+DEL to resume) .... :(

Cordialement, DoE
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Re : Invisible 3D Cannons During Gameplay - Where Are They Located?
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Hello Duke,
                       I have seen this little bug before.
It appear mostly on broken ground (at least for me) deployment/reserve option tends to
also effect the number of actual visible cannon...have you noticed playing at what game speed ?
I feel that is the issue...much of the actual animation is not rendered because of the speed one
chooses to play.
Also there may not be enough room to deploy the whole battery (this goes along with the the
bug about corps deployment as well) the two might be related...but hey I'm only guessing
I haven't run real concrete tests it the frame rate on some computer monitors ??
I have not found any good documentation.

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