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NAPOLEON is watching YOU....(SeaLion in 1804)
« le: 23 octobre 2011, 11:43:45 am »
After reading a very interesting and comprehensive book about the abortive Hitler's Seelowee opération in summer 1940, I'm looking for something similar about the planned Napoleonic's  invasion of the British Isles.
I just found some documents about the dispositions of the French Army d'Angleterre in Boulogne and around, short descriptions of the transport and landing fleet and general considerations about the strategic moves . I found nothing about the planned landing and the operations if it was successful...What about the political considerations and the fate of the civilians for instance  ?

Also, I have nothing valuable  about the defense of the coast,   possible  resistance behind  and what forces will be available to counter-attack -what about Regulars, Militia, Volunteers,  Yeomanry, Fencibles....   :?: :?: :?:
As I understand, Britannia's army  was busy all around the world with garrisons in West Indies, India, Canada or Africa - so it is difficult to assess  a strength for forces at Home. I have more docs on the Navy...which looks also always short of a pair of frigates in Malacca , etc...
So, if you know of some book dealing with the subject - or if you're interested- this may be a basis for some "alternative History"....

I'm also interested in the feeling  of Brittons watching the Armée d'Angleterre (about 150.000 strong ? ) and the seriousness of preparations against a landing.
Thanks for help,  ;)
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