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Hello all
« le: 20 juin 2011, 18:10:23 pm »
Hello everyone,

Just bought the game and installed it. Now waiting for the key. In the meantime i would like to introduce myself.
My name is Adis and i am 33 years old.  Been playing strategy(tactical) games since childhood. Coming from a country in which there was not much buying choice for wargaming (and if there was it was incredibly expensive), was playing with my own made little soldiers from paper  :oops: ( my Napleonic era soldiers were inspired by the 1960 movie Austerlitz). Many years passed since then and many (computer) games owned and played. Really looking forward to many hours of playing this game. The last "Napoleonic" game i played is NTW with some mods. Although good in its own right, it is still a game for quick thrill and quick action.
Well, that is all. I hope i did not bore you with my introduction and hope to see some of you guys (and gals?) on the "digital" killing fields someday  ;). That is after i learn to play HistWar.

my regards,

P.S. : please forgive my spelling/ gramatical mistakes.

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #1 le: 20 juin 2011, 18:52:58 pm »
Welcome one this forum!

From what I hear we do have several players on board, who might be able to play with you in your time-zone (maybe even talk in your language! :) )

lots of fun with the game

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #2 le: 20 juin 2011, 19:08:12 pm »
Welcome in the community

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #3 le: 20 juin 2011, 19:15:22 pm »
Welcome home !!!! ;)

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #4 le: 20 juin 2011, 19:46:00 pm »
Welcome Preobrazhensky  ;)

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #5 le: 20 juin 2011, 21:10:27 pm »
Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü íà áîðò! Ñóäÿ ïî ïîäïèñè è íèêó òû èç Ðîññèè, òóò ïðàêòè÷åñêè î÷åíü ìàëî èãðîêîâ èç Ðîññèè åñëè òû ðóññêèé áûëî áû î÷åíü õîðîøî.
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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #6 le: 20 juin 2011, 22:07:50 pm »
Welcome on this forum!

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #7 le: 21 juin 2011, 15:15:29 pm »
Welcome  mate :mrgreen:

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #8 le: 22 juin 2011, 14:57:17 pm »
Welcome... ;)

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #9 le: 09 septembre 2011, 17:59:43 pm »
Welcome Preobrazhensky. ;)

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #10 le: 11 septembre 2011, 11:37:57 am »

Coming from a country in which there was not much buying choice for wargaming (and if there was it was incredibly expensive), was playing with my own made little soldiers from paper 

Welcome Soldier,
Did you had  a national production of wargames , or only international import ?
Playing with paper armies could be a very interesting experience....not only for saving money but to allow different ways to express own imagination/creativity   :)   British wargamers who have probably the largest resources ( if not money ) are still often displaying such various armies ( and I created some myself ...) and there is (at last ) a website dedicated - but I forgot where  :oops:
Good luck,
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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #11 le: 13 décembre 2011, 23:48:42 pm »
there is the site that has almost any period you could think of in paper soldiers

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Re : Hello all
« Réponse #12 le: 14 décembre 2011, 09:02:10 am »
Welcome aboard

It is interesting what you say about paper armies.  I was also inspired by the film Austerlitz in my early teens (I am 42 now).

Discovering wargaming and having an excellent club ( North Hull Wargames Club)  in my home town was a dream come true.

At the time I was struggling to afford the metal figures but was inspired to create my own after seeing an article in Miniature Wargames called Hair-roller armies. Basically hair-rollers cut up and the bristles painted to look like soldiers.

However, what I made for myself was  French and Austrian armies made from match sticks! 1/300th scale. I took them into my club half expecting ridicule or at least the odd snigger but was amazed at what positive  reactions I got, which was a big thrill for a 13yr old lad.

It would be interesting to see some pics of your paper armies, if you still have them. I'll dig my match-stick men out and post a few picks. Now, where did I put them  :?