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Disabled Corps AI
« le: 17 juin 2011, 08:01:38 am »
What does it really mean? I suppose the Corps commander cannot issue,by his own "will", orders to units ? Units won't receive orders to  move or attack from their "disabled AI" Corps commander but their "colonel AI"  can make decisions to move and attack?If I want to deploy the corps as I wish (for ex: one division behind another in line formation with cavalry and arty at the rear)is it all right to 1):micromanage every unit position,2):disable Corps AI,3):reattach units,  in order not to get messed up by the Corps AI ?
 I don't know if I made myself clear enough but I think you get the point:how can a Corps be deployed by the human player and stay like this until new human issued  orders.

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Re : Disabled Corps AI
« Réponse #1 le: 17 juin 2011, 20:41:21 pm »
Some comments on this topic by JMM, however in french  ;),6183.15.html

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Re : Disabled Corps AI
« Réponse #2 le: 19 juin 2011, 12:16:12 pm »
Yes,thanks,it seems interesting but my French is no better than google translate.Found some hints though.Thanks again.

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Re : Disabled Corps AI
« Réponse #3 le: 11 novembre 2011, 09:36:56 am »
is there an english explanation somewhere?

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Re : Re : Disabled Corps AI
« Réponse #4 le: 12 novembre 2011, 18:53:58 pm »
is there an english explanation somewhere?

See if this helps
Try a small scenario 1 div vs 1 div and see what difference it makes
turning on/off the AI to control directly what you want to do.
link or re-attach units who seem to be going astray (in the heat of battle) or marching them back to the division HQ
then turn the AI back on again

quickly disengage from a fight  to reform further back on ground of your choosing

The Corps AI is able to take the control of the Corps if it is active:

a) deployment order : corps stop for bombardment or request to stop

b) order of diversion: corps stops for bombardment or walk retrogresses to avoid the contact,

c) Deployed Corps: switch to defense if the threat is imminent/serious
d) Corps stops for bombardment: analyzes and evaluates the resumption and effective resumption of march (intended destination by your order to defend/advance/diversion),

Thus these reactions to l' environment n' exist that if l' IA is activated. (bad syntax
problem with translators is conversational French vs simplicity)

Reactions don't exist in the game enviroenment until the AI is activated?

In breve, queste reazioni che accadono nel gioco non esistono finquando non si attiva il AI
(check w Mitra)

And of course, the player can use at his discretion activation/desactivationof AI to manage these bodies advance. (say crossing an obstacle such as a river..not always but AI has
a problem with such an order)

For example, deactivate the AI of a Corps to begin bombardment (ground/target on a unit).
When you wish it a player can re-activate the AI and the Corps:

 a) maybe by sending l' order of resumption of march to destination (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green)

 b) maybe by reactivating the AI when is desirable to you;

in this case, if the AI confirms your choice, March will begin again.
I think that the control of the Corps AI is an important component of control of your armies.
Less true for the Regimental AI although the rules will evolve a little/I move in that direction for the next version.
But the book " HistWar" does say some more about this subject.


PS: disactivation of the AI results in its icon changing to red (to alert the player on the possible hazard)
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