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Playing in3D mode, improvements
« le: 23 octobre 2003, 19:05:29 pm »
Bonsoir JMM,

I was playing around in LGAA 1.3 last night and found that even though you can send commands in 3D mode the game is not really designed for playing in that mode.

I've got a couple of suggestions that may change that. Perhaps they are already implemented in LGAA 2.0 or Les Grognards.

1. The jump map, i.e. the small map at the top left corner with a binocular on, should display the units location on the map. For instance blue for the French and red for the coalition so that you get an over view of the battlefield without leaving 3D mode.

2. This jump map should also be click able so that you get to the location on the battlefield as you clicked on the jump map.

3. A toolbar with the friendly corps that you can click on to get to that corps commander.

4. The same corps toolbar could be displayed as flags that also show the level of morale.

The way I want to play the game is: first plan the strategy in 2D mode and after that stay in 3D mode for the rest of the game and take command the corps.

/Lars L.
Lars L.

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Playing in3D mode, improvements
« Réponse #1 le: 23 octobre 2003, 19:59:14 pm »
Bonsoir Lars,

Thank you for these ideas..
I must say the new GUI is very very different of LGAA one...
ASAP I'll diplay some screenshots...

but, for waiting...

On the screen, the players can see:
on the bottom  left, informations about a Chief of Corps...
on the  bottom right, informations about an Unit...

For example: 2 drafts of the right zone (it's not the final pictures)

Differents Orders, Organizations and Moral for Infantry


on the center, 12 + 24 slots...
12 pictures for the Corps' state (branch and colored state)
24 hemlets for the Units attached to the selected corps (8 different hemlets by country) and colored space to show the states

Left Click on one of these slots allows to display a contextual menu, and to select a Corps or an Unit...
If you Right Click on a slot, you go to the unit location on the map..
If the selected slot is a Corps, all units attached to this corps are displayed (24 hemlets) under the Corps Zone

I hope it's clear.. but it will be easy to understand with the Screenshots...

A bientôt

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Playing in3D mode, improvements
« Réponse #2 le: 23 octobre 2003, 20:36:17 pm »
Merci JMM,

Seems to me that there will be a lot of eye candy in the gam as well.  :)

/Lars L.
Lars L.