Auteur Sujet: Let us look for two war correspondents!!!  (Lu 2018 fois)

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Let us look for two war correspondents!!!
« le: 15 mars 2011, 12:30:26 pm »

With the aim of making live the forum of HistWar through this event, we have the pleasure to announce you that two places are reserved for attending all the battles of the Tournament...

Indeed, these two persons will have the title of "War correspondent" of the tournament.

A war correspondent French side
A war correspondent Russian side

These two persons do not have to be players, a just man to carry(wear) an interest for the progress of the tournament. A thread of discusion their will be reserved, they can give a name to their thread as if it was about a newspaper (example: " the Instructor(Monitor) of histWar " or the Tumult of HistWar " or names of foreign newspapers of time(period))
If the other persons do not who want to attend as player, but wishing to be corresponding showed themselves, the number of place(square) could be widened...   

They will assist all the battles and will have the privilege to pass on the results(profits) of the meetings on the forum of histwar just after the end of a battle.
They will have to make him(it) as if they were of real war correspondents, they will not have to make of AARs (task reserved for the players and which is one of conditions in this tournament), but they can give their impréssions first ones(nights) onto the progress of the battle and onto the players.

The war correspondents, are neutral, they do not have to communicate with the players and cannot during a battle change camp, or post on the forum and communicate succeptibles information to reveal the plan of battle or the intentions of a player. No respect this rule(ruler)  expose this correspondent must to be excluded from this privilege. The part(party) would be cancelled from then on, according to the result(profit) before disclosure of information, the part(party) would be either replayed, or granted(tuned) as won by the one who had the advantage.