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OOB Editor: OOBs with Brigades instead of Regiments...
« le: 27 juin 2010, 21:31:31 pm »
Following a discussion about the way to create OOBs with Brigades instead of Regiments as the basic unit:,5008.0.html

Since Brigades were collection of Battalions, which could come from different Regiments, and different Battalions of the same Regiment could be assigned to different Brigades, it is a bit annoying that if one wishes to build a Brigade and bases it on one Regiment, then that Regiment cannot be selected again to build another unit.
I think that  a simple way to support Brigade-based OOBs is to use the list of Regiments only as a reference, allowing the user to add the same regiment several times to the OOB. Then the user could change the name of the unit in order to distinguish the several instances, calling it e.g. Brigade. Of course the Brigade characters would bear the uniform and characteristics of the selected Regiment only (but that already happens in current Brigade-based OOBs), but this would still be a good compromise in my opinion.

What do you think about this?