Auteur Sujet: Village on Fire superb Screen  (Lu 1567 fois)

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Village on Fire superb Screen
« le: 10 juin 2010, 16:49:26 pm »
PBEM Battle with Gunner24 (Allies). G24 held this village for the whole battle. At the end he was totally surrounded and bombarded, but he still hung on in there :( :( :(

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Re : Village on Fire superb Screen
« Réponse #1 le: 10 juin 2010, 17:22:45 pm »
Amazing, how did they do that ?........they did have a lot of support early on, but after a while they were left all alone in the village, surrounded by Frenchmen.  In the middle section of the battle I was thinking the French were going to be in serious trouble over here, but more and more of them kept appearing........I was a little slow to see how many troops AJ was sending over to his right flank from the centre, but managed to hold untill 1800 hours.
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