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Bayonet Charge Quiz
« le: 11 mai 2010, 14:45:18 pm »
I am posting the answer to the Bayonet quiz here as well as History and Tactics, as that sub Forum is not well read

Question (I know the answer)

Who knows when, where and which regiment conducted the last recorded bayonet charge?
DO NOT GOOGLE the answer, that's cheating

The first person with the correct answer gets a vacation for 2 in Jamaica all expenses paid by Hook and CvC    

The Answer:

The last RECORDED Bayonet Charge by a SIGNIFICANT sizes force occured in May 2004 outside the city of Amara in Iraq.
20 men of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, under heavy fire from 100 Shite Militia and running short on ammo, fixed Bayonets and charged.  They left 35 enemy dead sustaining only 3 minor wounded.

The last RECORDED Bayonet charge by an INDIVIDUAL, occurred in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. In October 2008, Lt. Adamson of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, Charged 2 enemy fighters leaving them "Neutralised"

Also an interesting small article on the value of the Bayonet in modern warfare

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