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Installation on laptop
« le: 14 avril 2010, 15:24:59 pm »
I installed the game on my desktop weeks ago using the key sent by email. Everything went fine.  Now I'm trying to install on my laptop (Vista) (to play at weekends when I'm away) using the CD and manually inserting the key. It does not work. I always get an error message when trying to play a battle (while the editors are fully functional). I also tried copying the key file I was sent onto the new machine. No go.

Why is this? Is it because I can only install on one machine at a time? If so, how do I deactivate on one machine and reactivate on another in an easy way?

Thanks in advance

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Re : Installation on laptop
« Réponse #1 le: 05 mai 2010, 20:34:39 pm »
Make sure you are manually inserting the key in the proper manner.
Open notepad, copy and paste your key into notepad. Rename it "idkey.hw" (not.txt) and make sure file types say "all files", then save it to your desktop. Open the main Histwar folder and copy and paste "idkey.hw" into the folder.
That has always worked as a last resort. Let me know.