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May I introduce me....
« le: 21 mars 2010, 17:18:28 pm »
  I am anxious, to begin, to present my double excuses, for my approximate English at first, and, then, to have so much to delay visiting you.....

        I name Jean Bruguière, I am a lover defender of the Emperor, and thus, a natural enemy of England....

                                    Rider up to the end of boots, I like the panache and the excess....

    Because the War is not declared yet, I thus wish you, dear English-speaking friends an excellent continuation, and which God guards you, at least, until our next meetings ....

                                                                     Général Bruguière, commandant la 1re Brigade de Cavalerie Légère....

PS : Do not hesitate to come to visit us in the "Taverne" of the French section...
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Re : May I introduce me....
« Réponse #1 le: 21 mars 2010, 17:48:41 pm »
General, we have already met during our small duel over the Waterloo affair.  So good to see you fomally present yourself over here.  I will pass your introduction over to my CinC at nbc.
“Now Maitland, now’s your time”