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Hello gentlemen.
« le: 17 mars 2010, 14:47:50 pm »
Hello gentlemen,

I am on this forum for several months now and I have not taken the time to introduce myself to you, something I would like to repair this day.

Passionate 1st Empire and the mad story of Napoleon, I found this forum on the usability of a tavern at the time.
But also partner with the games which we could build a team to use in multiplayer, but for me the ultimate "Machin"
The community that recently opened in veterans of all countries and I was pleased by the many messages that appealed to many people.
It is a real success well deserved.
I wish you all my greetings and my team, "the Brigade Infernale"
And you meet you soon on the battlefield for real party strategy.
Friendship you all,

A.D Belliard

PS: My English is not the most efficient please forgive me and thank you to the online translator

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Re : Hello gentlemen.
« Réponse #1 le: 17 mars 2010, 15:52:47 pm »
Comrades in Arms, General Belliard is a prominent member over in the French Zone.  I have read his knowledgeable posts on campaign of 1815, with great interest.
Welcome General, it is good to see you here.  We need more fraternity between the Zones.  Do not worry about your English, we can understand the the overall message.