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« le: 24 janvier 2010, 20:53:31 pm »
Bonjour Messieurs,

This 'thread' has been locked, moved, and certain posts edited .... by me .... :|

But Why :?: :?: (some might say) ..... :roll:

Fair enough .... here goes .... Duelling (challenging); Going way off-topic with other bogus issues (topic was "When" - not "What"); Intentional, misleading statements (twisting facts to create acrimony); Intentional, bad faith harassment of fellow-members with good cred's (I know 'who's-who' in the 'hood, been here for a while, gentlemen); Attempting to pee all over the new carpet (a 1st degree Calvin-Felony) ..... and the list goes on ..... :arrow:

In general: Too much silly-assed nonsense by Pak43 (posing as yet another 'caped-consumer-crusader' trying to save us from the evils of 'ole demon-rum) ..... well, sorry 'bout that, 'ole chum .... :(

Now, I got some other things to do ..... Fair warning to all - Be nice or leave town .... :!:

Cordialement, DoE
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