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CEH and the OOB editor
« le: 13 novembre 2009, 19:44:41 pm »
I'm scheming on how to implement this game into my Campaign system as soon as it comes off the presses and as such I am wondering about CEH for conversion.

Will each regiment display its CEH value and can this be lowered or raised by adjusting the manpower strength of the regiment?

I know that CEH isn't precisely a 'points system', but how does artillery factor into CEH?

Ideally, for me, it will allow for me to tell my players that their army for this battle has a total CEH of 46 and that division Y has an CEH of 17, division X has a 9 and divisions Z and R have 10. Division R is a cavalry division and arrives as reinforcement sometime at least 3 hours after start of the battle. Then the players could compose those divisions anyway they like to achieve those CEH levels.

Am I interpreting it right that this would be possible?

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Re : CEH and the OOB editor
« Réponse #1 le: 16 novembre 2009, 15:22:47 pm »
I'm not sure about this either, I would like to have seen it be very easy to have 6 players in a MP games all with different CEH's to build their Corps with, I'm sure that is possible, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to do in practice - when trying to get a 6 man MP game under way.
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Re : CEH and the OOB editor
« Réponse #2 le: 16 novembre 2009, 17:44:47 pm »
Good question.

I think about a system where you write down your setup.

Like: Comander Friant

1st regiment 2500 Line

2nd regiment 1500 Lights

12 cannon.

Send by mail to the host of the campaign and he sets up the battle with all the oob .

He himself is not playing. He is the moderator.

Don`t know what system i will use for the Camp. right now.