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« le: 18 octobre 2002, 02:23:10 am »

Used babel fish again today, to get a good picture of what 1806 will become.
A question here, regarding the logistics. I saw ammunition, food and hospitals being mentioned.

Assume the following; the campaign drags on for several months, a lot of the battalions are depleted (attrition and/or battle losses).

Will there be reinforcments from the homecountry to bring them up to strength again (given enough time) or will the reinforcments only come from the hospitals?
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Good question...
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Bonjour everyone,

Yes... how do the Corps receive reinforcements and replacements to recover from attrition?

Cordialement, Duc d'Earl
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« Réponse #2 le: 18 octobre 2002, 08:15:05 am »
Hello, :hump:

The idea for this first 1806 package is to play a short [historical] campaign. So there isn't any reinforcements... If the lost are very important, you must wait for the wounded soldier come from the hospital.

Don't forget your army is 150 000 ... around the double of Austerlitz strength :!:

With the next package -the addon 1807- the campaign will begin on 1806 september (Prusse) and it will finish on 1807 december [or before] (Pologne)
In this huge campaign, there will be some reinforcements.