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Little sound mod?
« le: 07 août 2002, 19:38:19 pm »
Hello JMM,

I have a little suggestion for the sounds. Yesterday I played a bit with the waves – added the sound of a flying shell (followed by an explosion ) to the 12pounder and added the cries of wounded just after the musket sound. In the field this creates a very dense atmosphere!!!
Perhaps you could modify the waves in 2.0 (or 3.0?) in this manner? Just a little tip.

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Little sound mod?
« Réponse #1 le: 07 août 2002, 22:02:10 pm »
Hello Haegen...

In the V1.3, there are 12 different sounds...
In the V2.0, we'll add about 20 other sounds...
In the V3.0, we'll add a lot of sounds and voices (german and french voices)

But your idea is very good....
And you can modify all sounds of LGAA (just mono sound)