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A question
« le: 01 novembre 2005, 19:17:38 pm »
Hi all,
first thing i would like to say this looks like a great game and i am most likely to buy, i have mentioned it on my clan website cause we play large scale Napoleon battles on a mod from American Conquest which has totally transformed the game.

Q 1: Is this a turn based game? because you can play via email against an opponent.

Q 2: Is there goign to be a campaign map? If there is can i see a picture?

Sorry if these questions have been asked somewhere and i will keep on spreading the good word about this game.


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A question
« Réponse #1 le: 01 novembre 2005, 23:54:30 pm »
Welcome to this forum Scarlet.

I'm a beta tester of this game and used to be moderator of this English forum. This forum is now transferred to;f=51
even though the old threads are still here.

About your questions,

Q1) For PBEM there is 15 minutes turns (some sort of a WEGO system).
In solo and MP modes it's true real-time i.e. 1 game minute equals 1 minute of real-time.

Q2) No campaign map, but there is a 2D overview map. However the biggest of the maps are a mini campaign about 600 square kilometres.  

Next game in the series will be a true campaign game but that we can talk about later.

See you in the --------- forum.  :wink:
/Lars L.
Lars L.

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Mini campaign
« Réponse #2 le: 03 février 2006, 17:44:15 pm »
Hello JMM,

can you say something about the mini campaign meanwhile, whether it is possible to play it in singleplayer mode also ?

I know you still wanted to test the AI.


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A question
« Réponse #3 le: 03 février 2006, 18:29:18 pm »
Hello Marco,

I can't say if the AI will be able to be a good opponent... (no sure, but we'll do the tests)
Don't worry.. I'll work about this task after the release, and I'll quickly do a new version with an Operational AI.