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General discussions / Re : Re : HWLG patch 03p
« Dernier message par JMM le 15 mai 2019, 13:49:34 pm »
Another year has passed.... how is 03p looking?

Yet some days before launching a recruiting for a new beta test team...

During this last yera, I have rewrtitten a big part of the GUI, a new method of visibility to improve the precision, checked a big part of internal engine for avoiding some several major bugs...
Too the life with some familial issues.. the life...

It is difficult to say the time for checking the new version...

Patience yet... and lot thanks for your support.

General discussions / Re : HWLG patch 03p
« Dernier message par JCM101 le 15 mai 2019, 13:11:44 pm »
Another year has passed.... how is 03p looking?
General discussions / Re : Grande Bandes
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 05 mai 2019, 23:42:25 pm »
It would be another delight if bodies of troops posed themselves as obstacles and disrupted the fog of war. If there will ever be the option in HW:N to deploy grande bandes then we would be able to perform such operations as using them to screen the true strength of our force like Lannes at Friedland; screening with light troops to conceal the true strength and or movement of ones force being a practice used in many different conflicts and periods throughout military history.
General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 21 avril 2019, 17:09:49 pm »
I've noticed another rather undesirable behavior. You issue a bombard order to a battery and they go to that area, unlimber, and then begin to fire if there are targets. What is bad, is they have a tendency to re-limber if there is not a target immediately available even with the AI is turned off.
General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 17 avril 2019, 22:22:04 pm »
There were some fantastic feats of bravery by those of the horse artillery during the Napoleonic Wars. But I think this might be a bit too brave...

Circumstances are a cavalry corp attached to the rear in support to an infantry corp. I notice that this type of behavior happens quite often. Foot artillery generally behaves relatively rationally but the occurrence rate of unnecessary redeployment needs to be made less. When they redeploy it is often just barely a distance away from their original position; the time it takes to unlimber and limber adds up often ending in a fatality for the battery.

General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 16 avril 2019, 04:17:40 am »
Another visual example of how far the cavalry can have moved away to a new ordered position while the artillery is still firing. The guns deployed forward never end up attempting to retreat; cavalry were moving towards the new line for over 20 minutes by this point.

General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par sandman le 15 avril 2019, 16:16:59 pm »
Its one of several issues I would confirm and made me stop playing HW until certain improvements have been done, cos its one of those things which often impact the battle outcome very much.
Even if a CiC conducted a very successful battle plan, several shortcomings of the engine/gameplay often ruin the whole performance.

At least detaching and setting direct control for single units (better subformations) should ultimatively resolve the issue. Direct control means the complete absence of AI interference, but in fact thats not what we get.

There is an alternative napoleonic battle Sim I use to play, which gives me direct control if ordered. As dicussed before, there I am able to actively prevent situations of isolated lemming batteries.
General discussions / Corp Commanders Becoming Inoperable After Engagements
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 15 avril 2019, 14:23:25 pm »
After a possibly bloody engagement corp commanders sometimes go into a state of being totally incapable of being commanded. The corp commander AI is turned off automatically by indication of the light bulb turning red and any effort to turn the AI back on leading to it being automatically turned back off. Is this the games way of saying that a Corp commander refuses to give battle anymore? Because when it happens I just reassign his brutalized forces to a different commander and issue a court-martial for his insubordination. What is most puzzling is that this behavior can occur even when the strength of the corp is still mainly intact and battle worthy.

So, is this a bug or is it intended behavior?
General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 15 avril 2019, 14:14:30 pm »
A general AI behavioral change that could go a long way I think would be for the AI to more routinely retreat its artillery and simultaneously for artillery to be more willing to retreat. Horse artillery in particular I find is almost impossible to get it to disengage even when it is detached and the AI is turned off.

Here is a situation I routinely see develop:

A cavalry corp with many horse guns is sent to halt the advance of an enemy infantry corp. The AI cavalry corp commander deploys its pieces forward but the cavalry over time begins to waiver. While many of the horse regiments are in rout the guns still remain static in their forward firing positions highly vulnerable to attack and with no support. I can try to issue a new line of diversion far away from the current area being contested in order to allow the corp to regroup but the problem of course is that the artillery, most of the time, refuses to move at all. By time it decides to fallback, if it at all, the cavalry has already moved far away to the new line of diversion that was issued. There is something incredibly ironic about being able to get cavalry to disengage more easily than artillery.

Solution wise, I think we need:

A) For artillery as a whole (especially horse artillery) to be much more willing to leave its position and fall back without the urge to continually fire or set-up and fire
B) For our AI commanders to issue artillery to retreat if the active amount of non-routing units falls bellow a certain percentage threshold to support and protect its guns.
General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 14 avril 2019, 14:33:30 pm »
A problem I continuously encounter is that issuing cavalry to support artillery does not guarantee support  or protection to artillery. If there was more of a guarantee the amount of guns that would be lost due to no support would go down.

Simultaneously, I think we need the ability to issue a defensive or more passive stance to cavalry corps. The only way to try to get this behavior to pass is by incorporating infantry or artillery into a cavalry corps. Cavalry corps are also not very fond of using their artillery even when given massive amounts of it. I have routinely tested giving a cavalry corp 30+ guns to see if the AI would prefer to use it to wither the enemy away with cannonades but this is quite the rarity. Most of the time they ignore the artillery they have at their disposal and resort to other tactics that tend to get themselves routed rather quickly.

On another note, when issuing a corp commander the bombard order instead of the corp deploying its artillery forward to bombard the enemy it is halted along with all other units in the corp never to be brought forward. This is not a matter of order delay either as they will sit there indefinitely even with order delay off.
When issuing infantry corps, or any corp for that manner, we should be able to specify if we want that corp to bombard the enemy first and for what duration we want the bombardment to last.  The AI in general is just not fond of using its artillery for preparatory bombardments.
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