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General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 15 avril 2019, 14:14:30 pm »
A general AI behavioral change that could go a long way I think would be for the AI to more routinely retreat its artillery and simultaneously for artillery to be more willing to retreat. Horse artillery in particular I find is almost impossible to get it to disengage even when it is detached and the AI is turned off.

Here is a situation I routinely see develop:

A cavalry corp with many horse guns is sent to halt the advance of an enemy infantry corp. The AI cavalry corp commander deploys its pieces forward but the cavalry over time begins to waiver. While many of the horse regiments are in rout the guns still remain static in their forward firing positions highly vulnerable to attack and with no support. I can try to issue a new line of diversion far away from the current area being contested in order to allow the corp to regroup but the problem of course is that the artillery, most of the time, refuses to move at all. By time it decides to fallback, if it at all, the cavalry has already moved far away to the new line of diversion that was issued. There is something incredibly ironic about being able to get cavalry to disengage more easily than artillery.

Solution wise, I think we need:

A) For artillery as a whole (especially horse artillery) to be much more willing to leave its position and fall back without the urge to continually fire or set-up and fire
B) For our AI commanders to issue artillery to retreat if the active amount of non-routing units falls bellow a certain percentage threshold to support and protect its guns.
General discussions / Re : How to Encourage the Cooperation of Artillery and Cavalry?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 14 avril 2019, 14:33:30 pm »
A problem I continuously encounter is that issuing cavalry to support artillery does not guarantee support  or protection to artillery. If there was more of a guarantee the amount of guns that would be lost due to no support would go down.

Simultaneously, I think we need the ability to issue a defensive or more passive stance to cavalry corps. The only way to try to get this behavior to pass is by incorporating infantry or artillery into a cavalry corps. Cavalry corps are also not very fond of using their artillery even when given massive amounts of it. I have routinely tested giving a cavalry corp 30+ guns to see if the AI would prefer to use it to wither the enemy away with cannonades but this is quite the rarity. Most of the time they ignore the artillery they have at their disposal and resort to other tactics that tend to get themselves routed rather quickly.

On another note, when issuing a corp commander the bombard order instead of the corp deploying its artillery forward to bombard the enemy it is halted along with all other units in the corp never to be brought forward. This is not a matter of order delay either as they will sit there indefinitely even with order delay off.
When issuing infantry corps, or any corp for that manner, we should be able to specify if we want that corp to bombard the enemy first and for what duration we want the bombardment to last.  The AI in general is just not fond of using its artillery for preparatory bombardments.
General discussions / Re : Doctrine Pursuit Options
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 13 avril 2019, 11:18:23 am »
Is it certain that there is no bug with this operation? When the doctrine is set so cavalry is never allowed to pursue they very rarely do attempt to pursuit.

But, once permission in the doctrine is set so cavalry can pursue when detached they will attempt to pursue given almost any opportunity REGARDLESS if they are detached or attached. Which of course can lead to some very suicidal behavior that ends in their total annihilation.

Is there some support function where a corp commander or other entity can request a pursuit that could be overriding the only pursue when detached doctrine setting?
General discussions / Re : Grande Bandes
« Dernier message par zu Pferd le 13 avril 2019, 06:49:19 am »
I don't know. I visualized as 1 regiment  1 bn  always in reserve 2 bn divided in companies
in checkerboard in the front maintaining a steady fire as they advance.
pge 114 of imperial bayonets  has several examples this is one (rough representation).

        o    o    o    o    o    o    o    o    o    o     
   o      o     o   o    o    o    o    o    o    o    o      this formation x three
     [            ]                               [            ]
                      [2nd peloton]

                      [3rd peloton]

Its a question of animation to represent the entire regiment. I'm sure it could be animated.
In the event of threat an order, in the unit menu, to rally the regiment back from 'open order' to line/column.

One point of order. I know Napoleonic German allies and (Continental and Brits) had a specific battalion of lights to perform this skirmishing function.
So now in animation you'll have to be able to represent 2 possibilities:
a battalion and an entire regiment.


General discussions / Re : Doctrine Pursuit Options
« Dernier message par zu Pferd le 13 avril 2019, 06:14:12 am »
me again. Cavalry appears to be completely out of control in the hands of the AI, and because
the AI is not completely developed its basically pursuit on all the time, which triggers fatigue
which makes cavalry an easy target.

Corps with light cavalry attachments use them for scouting and support for your guns
Heavies old them way back use them as a big charge once you've determined where a
weak sector won't get a dispatch from Murat asking you to release the horse.
Keep a generous reserve.

JMM is supposed to develop a more reactive AI. I'm not sure where is at with that item.
Not sure if he will go to beta testing once the patch comes out, and or release it ( patch
for both versions ). Perhaps with the patch we'll see some improvement with cavalry, and
artillery behavior, light infantry skirmishing ?? You asked about this, as I have and others,
probably not this time.


General discussions / Effect of Artillery Past 700-800 Meters
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 12 avril 2019, 19:48:20 pm »
What exactly is the point of shooting at ranges exceeding 700-800 meters? Even with large batteries of positional guns there almost never appears to be any casualties being produced; even with extended bombardments lasting over an hour. Morale does not seem to be visibly impacted either. I understand that long range bombardments with minimal effect happened historically but the effect is kind of ruined when you the player know the fire is ineffectual. Most of the time it seems the game would be doing me a favor if the artillery did not attempt to fire past 600 meters.
General discussions / Doctrine Pursuit Options
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 12 avril 2019, 19:22:55 pm »
When I select it so cavalry only pursues only when detached they insist on pursuing until the end of the Earth when attached. Can someone tell me what is going on here?
Histoire et Tactique / Re : Petit QUIZZZZZZZZ
« Dernier message par baurya le 11 avril 2019, 22:38:49 pm »
Let's try in english to wake up the quizz

I'm old, i've knew the greatest personnalities, and for some years, the most famous human's conquest iscelebrated.

And I am  ....?
General discussions / Re : Reinforcement Question- Possible Bug?
« Dernier message par Mr. Doran le 09 avril 2019, 17:02:23 pm »
I think I realized one thing that may have been going on. The Corp commander of the reinforcements does not seem to be very cooperative or cooperative at all unless all of his forces are present. During the test I was speaking about I could have sworn all of Davout's Corp was present but it may have not been. I changed the reinforcement times in the OOB so all of Davout's Corp arrives at the same time and they showed up the first time without a problem to any function.
Announcements / Re : New News...
« Dernier message par AJ le 09 avril 2019, 16:55:34 pm »
Very promising
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