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Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: JMM le 02 décembre 2002, 19:20:54 pm

197 years ago : Austerlitz.. :anniversaire:

For this anniversary, you can find 4 small AVI about HistWar AN 1806.
Sure, no russian, no austrian, but frenchs and prussians...

Look at http://www.histwar.com/index_dl.php... and D/L the 4 files:
a) foot draggons in line,
b) line infantery in column,
c) a small battery of 6 cannons,
d) and a prussian regiment of cavalry...

Please, you can do all comments and remarks about this movies... :argue:

Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Le Tondu le 02 décembre 2002, 21:22:22 pm
8)   Hello all,
(Duke of Earl,) I finally figured it out. It is nice to be here!

I REALLY like the screenshots and eagerly await for more to be revealed. Good work JMM.
Rick   :D
Titre: Bienvenue...
Posté par: Duc_dEarl le 03 décembre 2002, 17:16:24 pm
Bonjour Le Tondu,

Welcome... I am happy to see you here... the new AVI videos are very good, I think... but, if your video player does not have mpeg4 capabiliety... then be sure to install JMM's utility to play mpeg4 formats... if that doesn't work, I know a couple more places to get the necessary codecs...

Anyway... there are many new animations in these videos... new graphics... new trees... new canon & musket smokes... JMM is really doing quite well with this 1806 project... and with the LGAA Ver 2.0 project too...

Maybe soon we can hear some of the new sound files that go with these video clips...   :?:

So... welcome again and I hope that you will be posting here very often... especially after LGAA Ver 2.0 is released... everyone's comments are important...  :D

Cordialement, Duc d'Earl
Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Grouchy le 05 décembre 2002, 03:32:29 am
How could I overlook this post, saw the french version of it but not this one.

Yup, the AVI's are very nice. See there is a lot of progress on the smoke also, and the dust that appears throught all the horses of the prussian cavalry   :bravo:

The angle of the "tircolonne" avi is a little strange, but did I see a commander get shot of his horse in that video?
Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Le Tondu le 06 décembre 2002, 01:40:36 am
Thank you Duke of Earl.

By any chance, is "DivX502Bundle.exe" the utility that you were referring to for mpeg4? I downloaded it, but I have not installed it as I am VERY new to understanding French. I have the latest Windows Media Player  (v9.0) but it was unable to show anything when I clicked on the images.

Titre: DivX502Bundle.exe
Posté par: Duc_dEarl le 06 décembre 2002, 19:28:18 pm
Bonjour Le Tondu,

Yes... DivX502Bundle.exe is the one I used... during the Setup phase you can install the 5.0 Codecs... or the DivX Player... or both...

I installed both the Codecs and the DivX Player... but, I still use Win Media Player 7.1 for viewing mpeg4 files...

Why?... because it is already configured to my OS and I don't want the hassle of reconfiguring my OS to another Player...

So... as it turns out, all I really needed to install were the Codecs... everything works great.... I can easily view mpeg4 files with Win 98SE &  Media Player 7.1...

However, I think you have Win XP OS... because Win Media Player 9.0 goes with Win XP...

So... I suggest that you check the DivX download site @ Download.com to make sure that this DivX Bundle is compatible with Win XP... because there are some variations to this Utility program due to the user's OS...

Cordialement, Duc d'Earl
Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Le Tondu le 07 décembre 2002, 18:44:52 pm
Yes, there were some problems and I uninstalled it. I still have the .avi files. When I try to use Windows Media Player, I recieve the following error message:

"Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found."

Will downloading just the codecs solve my situation?
Titre: DivX502Bundle
Posté par: Duc_dEarl le 08 décembre 2002, 05:08:53 am
Bonjour Le Tondu,

When I installed the DivX502Bundle... I installed both the Codec and the DivX Player...

I could have just installed the 5.0 Codec... but I chose the full installation...

Later... I checked the SettingsControl PanelMultiMediaDevicesVideo Compression Codecs... and the DivX 5.0 Codec was there...

Since then... no problems...

So, I think if you just install the DivX 5.0 Codec during the Install routine you should be ok..

Footnote: Make sure you install the correct DivX Bundle for your OS... you have Media Player 9.0 which leads me to believe that you have the Win XP OS...  so, be careful and chose the correct Bundle...

Cordialement, Duke of Earl
Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Rush le 09 décembre 2002, 12:35:52 pm
S! Everybody,

Very nice AVI`s I especially enjoyed the tirLigne and the tirArtillerie....I could almost smell the smoke.
I think I`ll have to re-read Col.H.C.B.Rogers "Napoleons Army" which follows Davouts III Corps in 1806-1807 just to wet my appetite.
Thanks JMM, and keep up the good work.

Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Gengisjon le 12 décembre 2002, 18:11:31 pm
Wow.  They look great.  Can't wait to see more.
Keep up the good work JMM.
Titre: Auterlitz and AVI
Posté par: Ziem le 13 décembre 2002, 15:30:18 pm
Looks sharp gentlemen...keep up the good work!!

Z. :)
Titre: Video codec...
Posté par: Frédéric Walther le 18 décembre 2002, 13:59:51 pm
Hi "Monsieur Le Tondu",

I've faced some problems reading divx (MPG4) files either with WMP, or Divx502Bundle. It seems the given codec (Almost in "502") has some trouble with MPG4. To solve this I've downloaded a Zip-file called "divx_3.11alpha" (I don't remember where, sorry :cry: ). It has solved my problem with some AVI files... I'm almost able to read all AVI files on Histwar site 8O .

Soldat Pontonnier Frédéric