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Patch 03b (RC3)
« le: 13 septembre 2011, 23:46:55 pm »

Patch 03b (RC3) [compatible 03a, 03b(RC1/RC2)]


PS : Release Candidate Package

Version 03b (RC3)

* New management of animations (smoke, fire)
* Integration of a grass layer
* Improving management of melee (detection opponent)

New Rules
* Artillery and Cavalry Reserve (second line) for a better deployment.
* Units on second line (reserve) are able to charge an enemy without considering doctrine and initiative.
* Adjust the position of the defensive sectors depending on the threat.
* Before charging an unit on defensive line, attacker adjusts his formation.
* Inhibition of the attack against regimental guns if regiment is charging.
* Infantry moves backward before running away if necessary.
* Adjustment for triggering the flight of friendly unit in order to open a path for taking flight
* Improved detection of the area bombing of artillery to avoid firing on friendly units
* Improved detection of threat on a corps (trigger flight of corps)
* Adjustment of conditions for resuming the order of corps after flight
* New condition to halt the pursuit of an unit running away 

New laws
* Adjustment of the result of fighting in melee (fatigue and cohesion was taken into account when they are integrated into the moral)
* Averaged value of morale and fatigue (avoids sudden jumps)

* Fixed management of time generating figures without animation (random event)
* Improving the save of units positions (problem for defense in a building or behind a bridge)
* Control the advance of the canons to get a good synchronism
* Adjustment to unlock unit deployed with flankers (giving the appearance of fighting 1 vs 1 ... HistWar manages the 1 vs 3 fighting)
* Management the direction of flight in buildings

Residual problems
* Rotate 3D models during the movement
* Possible bad management of the orientation of battalions / squadrons

I hope it's clear  ;)